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About Centre Bell

People can attend hockey games and concerts at the Bell Centre in Montreal, QC. This entertainment venue in downtown Montreal is also referred to as the Centre Bell. It opened in 1996 as the Molson Centre and was renamed in 2002. The Hall of Fame for the Montreal Canadiens hockey team is located at Bell Centre. Visitors can reach the Bell Centre by car, subway or bus.

There are museums less than a mile and a half from the Bell Centre. Two of these museums are the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History. The Canadian Centre for Architecture has some exhibits on the history of architecture. Mount Royal Park is about a mile and a half from the Bell Centre. Visitors can hike up a mountain here. There are places for picnicking and running in the park. Downtown Montreal is visible from the park’s lookout.

The Old Montreal area is within two miles of the Bell Centre. Some of the buildings here date back to the 17th century.

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