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Welcome to Montreal Hotels! This page shows the hotels closest to La Centre Molson, in order by distance. Here you can view and compare nightly rates, read reviews, check a map of the area, and even book securely online. Our goal is to help you find appropriate accommodations quickly and easily near La Centre Molson. To list hotels rates, enter your travel dates on the left, or if you are unsure of your travel dates, simply browse hotels.

About La Centre Molson

The La Centre Molson is an entertainment and sports complex in Downtown Montreal, which is also known as the Bell Center, or Centre Bell in French. Since opening in 1996, La Centre Molson has been home to the Montreal Canadiens National Hockey League team and is one of the busiest arenas in the world. La Cage aux Sports is the largest of four restaurants within La Centre Molson.

La Centre Molson is at the intersection of Rue de la Montagne and Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montreal, and is within walking distance to many bars and restaurants. La Centre Molson is also connected to the Underground City, which stretches over twenty miles of shopping malls, hotels, and office buildings. The Montreal Metro rapid transit system orange line connects La Centre Molson with the Lucien-L'Allier and Bonaventure stations.

Next door to La Centre Molson is the historic Windsor Station, which was the main railroad depot in Montreal for about a century, and now has been converted to an office, hotel, and restaurant complex.

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