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Near Place Des Festivals
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About Place Des Festivals

The Place des Festivals is a public urban space in Montreal which opened in 2009 as part of a public redevelopment project dedicated to all kinds of festivals. The Place des Festivals has a fountain with 235 squirting jets, the biggest fountain in Canada, and is part of the Place des Arts area. The Place des Festivals is on Rue Sainte-Catherine, and bordered by Boulevard de Maisonneuve and Rue Jeanne-Mance.

The entire Place des Arts complex offers theater, cinema, art, and musical performances. Place des Arts includes the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Maisonneuve Theater, all connected to the underground city tunnels. The Place des Festivals and Place des Arts complex are on the east side of downtown Montreal, part of the Quartier des Spectacles area.
There is a Montreal Metro green line station at Place des Arts, and the University de Quebec a Montreal campus is within walking distance.

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