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Near Theatre Saint Denis
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Hotels near Theatre Saint Denis

Welcome to Montreal Hotels! We appreciate your visit and will show you the closest hotels to Theatre Saint Denis. They are listed in order by distance, and you can view and compare nightly rates, read reviews, check a map of the area, and even book securely online. Our goal is to help you find appropriate accommodations quickly and easily near the Theatre Saint Denis. Enter your travel dates on the left to view rates and availability, or if you are unsure of your travel dates, simply browse hotels.

About Theatre Saint Denis

The Theatre St. Denis in Montreal, QC boasts two separate halls, which offer a variety of performances throughout the year, and is the most popular performance theatre in the area. The St. Denis is well equipped to handle mobility and hearing impaired patrons, and has adequate equipment and facilities to allow them to enjoy the shows.

Getting to the Theatre St. Denis is simple from all areas of town, via the extensive subway system. Parking at the theatre is costly, and if you are close enough to walk there, this is advisable. A taxicab or chauffeured town car are one of the most popular way that locals access the theatre to avoid parking difficulties.

The theatre is located within the Latin district of Montreal, and the neighborhood has a plethora of authentic establishments that are excellent for grabbing a bite to eat before viewing a performance at the Theatre St. Denis. The St. Denis is an excellent place to see live performances, and should not be missed by visitors. Tickets to see performances here can be purchased online at their website.

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