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Getting Around Montreal

Montreal's public transportation system is one of the finest in the world. It features three train routes and over 150 bus routes that provide service nearly 20 hours a day every day.

Here's a quick look at Montreal's public transportation system that can help visitors learn more about Montreal's public transportation options.

--Montreal's bus system features over 150 bus routes which provide service across the city.

For example, Montreal features over 120 routes that serve the downtown area, the Underground City, the University of Montreal, McGill Stadium, Metro train stops and other major landmarks. Buses that run along these routes operate from about 5 AM until 11 PM Monday-Saturday.

There are also over 30 routes numbered in the 300s which provide night time service and express service. These routes primarily serve the Gouin, Pierrefonds and Saint-Laurent neighbourhoods. However, there are several routes including Route 382 which serve the city's Commercial Centre. The routes provide express service every ten minutes from 5 PM-7 PM and night service every 60 minutes from 2 AM-4 AM.

--Montreal's Metro train system features four routes that serve the entire Montreal area.

Montreal's Metro train system features a Green Line, an Orange Line, a Yellow Line and a Blue Line that provides service to certain sections of the city. For example, the Green Line travels in a northeasterly direction from the Parc Angrignon area to Rue Honoré-Beaugrand.

On the other hand, the Orange Line wraps around the Notre-Dame-de-Vertu neighbourhood to the Laval Neighbourhood in Northwest Montreal. In addition, the Yelllow Line provides service to the Montreal Commercial Centre and the Underground City. Furthermore, the Blue Line travels in an easterly direction between the Snowdon and Saint-Michel neighbourhoods to the University of Montreal and several small shopping districts near the Saint-Michel neighbourhood.

Finally, Metro Trains provide service from about 5 AM until 1 AM Monday-Saturday and from about 5:30 AM until midnight on Sundays. As a result, it's easy to use the Metro to travel to Montreal's destinations without a vehicle.

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