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Welcome to Montreal Hotels! Here are the closest hotels to Windsor Station, in order by distance, and you can view and compare nightly rates, read reviews, check a map of the area, and even book securely online. Our goal is to help you find appropriate accommodations quickly and easily near Windsor Station. Enter your travel dates on the left to view rates and availability, or if you are undecided on your travel dates, you can simply browse hotels.

About Windsor Station

Windsor Station, also known as Gare Windsor in French, was formerly Montreal’s central train station. The train station is no longer operational and is now a National Historic site of Canada. It was deemed a National Historic Site of Canada in 1975, and in 1990, was named a Heritage Railway Station. While the Canadian Pacific Railway, or CPR, no longer uses the train station for commuting, many of its offices are still located there, including the CPR police offices and corporate archives.

The parts of the station that weren’t converted to office space were used for a hotel complex and restaurant space. Windsor Station is open to the public and through the interior concourse, Windsor Station acts as the connection between the metro station as well as the commuter station. The interior concourse also connects to Bell Centre and is famous for holding an annual beer festival. The thirteen tracks that once ran into the station have all been removed and the building structure covering their terminals has been removed as well. The space has since been converted into a public square.

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